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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Savvi Insurance and vipHomeLink Announce a Strategic Partnership

PR Newswire. August 11, 2020 –, a leading digital home management solution, today announces a strategic partnership with Savvi Insurance Group, Inc., a new home insurance provider launching an innovative, tech-enabled insurance solution that is set to be available in October. Through this partnership, Savvi will provide vipHomeLink’s home management app to all Savvi policyholders as part of their homeowners protection plan.

“We are really excited to partner with vipHomeLink,” said Mark Coons, Founder and CEO of Savvi. “Consistent with our strategy of offering homeowners the most comprehensive and proactive home protection available, including coverages that better address today’s homeowner, a complementary smart home security kit and concierge style claims handling, vipHomeLink’s home management solution provides that critical component of prevention for all of our customers.”

“vipHomeLink is thrilled to partner with this technology-forward and customer-centric insurance provider,” said Geoff Martin, Co-Founder of vipHomeLink. “Savvi Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that truly offers the full spectrum of protection to homeowners. With our solution squarely focused on prevention – and helping homeowners avoid insurance claims – vipHomeLink will play an important role in helping to protect Savvi’s policyholders. We’re really excited to be part of their policy offering!”

George Palmer, Savvi’s Co-Founder added, “we look forward to partnering with vipHomeLink as we evolve home insurance into a smarter solution focused on predicting and preventing losses from happening in the first place, and away from the old model that is reactive and focused only on repairing the damage after the fact.”

Alfred Bentley, Founder and CEO of vipHomeLink commented, “Savvi is an innovative insurance company that is completely aligned with our vision for protecting homeowners, empowering policyholders to help make their homes safer, and reducing their risk of experiencing an insurance claim. To us, this combination provides complete protection for homeowners.”

vipHomeLink’s engaging digital home management app simplifies homeownership by enabling homeowners to manage, organize, and maintain their most valuable asset, their homes. The solution helps homeowners:

● Stay organized and save time by storing all their home information and documents in a highly-secure home profile for easy access.

● Stay on top of routine, but necessary, home maintenance with personalized reminders that help to prevent costly repairs and save homeowners money.

● Improve the safety and increase the value and efficiency of a home with tailored home improvement recommendations.

● Learn more about home ownership with expert, in-app vipTIPS, blogs and podcasts.

About Savvi Insurance

Savvi Insurance Group, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is committed to helping families and individuals prevent losses, stay safe and protect the people and things they love. We do that by providing our customers with our cutting-edge smart home security system along with a suite of services and benefits designed to proactively predict and prevent losses from happening in the first place. We then back that up with comprehensive, modernized insurance protection and concierge-style claims handling, at prices that recognize and reward the benefits of a smarter, better protected home.

Savvi is backed by one of the world’s largest and most financially secure insurance companies, including Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance market for over 300 years. For more information visit:

About vipHomeLink

vipHomeLink, based in Morristown, New Jersey, is a digital home management solution and mobile app that simplifies homeownership. It helps the modern homeowner save time and money managing, organizing, maintaining and improving their home. vipHomeLink provides a 24/7 digital dashboard that lets consumers build a profile of their home while managing it more efficiently. Members enjoy benefits such as the ability to store valuable documents and information, track renovation projects, create a home inventory for insurance purposes and receive home maintenance advice and reminders. The app is available for download on Apple IOS and Google play. For more information visit:


Jacqueline Joyner

vipHomeLink, VP, Marketing


Mark Coons

Founder & CEO

Savvi Insurance Group, Inc.


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