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Smart Home Security

An arsenal of

whole home protection at your fingertips

Smarter Home Insurance

starts with our smart home system

Included with your policy to help prevent the bad stuff from happening

Smart home smoke and fire detectors

Smoke & Fire


Smart Home Theft Securty

Burglary & Theft


Smart Home

Freeze & Heat Alerts

Smart Home Water Leak Detectors

Water Leak Warnings

Smart sensors that monitor your home 24/7 for the things that cause the most damage 

Savvi Camera_edited.jpg

HD Security Cameras

Check in on home no matter where you are with our secure live feed 24/7.

Two-way talk connects you directly to your family from your smart phone, so you can even make sure the kids are doing their homework.

Full HD 1080p resolution with built-in Infrared LED for day and night vision modes.


Water Leak Sensors

Homeowners suffer from water damage losses far more often than any other loss – including fire or theft.

Our water sensors can alert you so that a small trickle doesn’t become a major flood.

Beautifully designed, our sensors fit neatly under sinks, washing machines and any water source in your home.

Smart Home Water Sensors
Smart Home Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Monitor movement so you always know what’s going on in your home.

Our motion sensors fit discretely on a wall, shelf or any other place you want monitored for unexpected movement.

Receive alerts through your Savvi app right on your smart phone.


Door & Window Sensors

No matter where you are, you never have to wonder or worry if your home is secure with our sensors protecting you.

Easy installation on doors, windows, safes and cabinets.

Receive notices right on your smart phone when something is opened or closed so you can take quick action.

Door & Window Sensor
Savvi Smoke Detector

Smoke & Fire Sensors

Undetected fires can destroy a home in minutes. Being alerted to a fire before you smell the smoke is critical so you and your family can escape safely.

Our detectors are equipped with a 85dBm alarm and send alerts to your smart phone and our 24/7 monitoring center for rapid action from first responders.


Key Fob

Arm and disarm your system with a click of a button. Alert authorities to an emergency with our SOS touch feature.

Savvi Smart Home
Savvi Smart Home

Smart Hub

The Savvi hub is loaded with the latest and greatest technology available.


Seamlessly connecting all of your sensors in your home, our hub is built for speed and security, sending real-time alerts to your smart phone or our professional monitoring center.


Control and monitor your home remotely, knowing that everything and everyone is safe and secure.

Giving You More to Love

Never fear downed power and phone lines with our battery and cell back-up capabilities.


Arm/disarm your system from anywhere.


Custom alerts for family and friends.


Our Geofencing feature detects if you are home or away and sets your system for you.

Smart automations to control your lights, alert you to temperature changes and other conditions to keep you safe and secure.


Pair other smart home sensors and devices you already own.


Check-in on your home with your HD camera and two-way talk - or go to full Privacy Mode at the click of a button.

No expensive up-front hardware costs.  And with 24/7 professional monitoring at only $0.66 a day, you'll save hundreds compared to traditional security companies while saving up to another 25% on your insurance.  

Savvi Smart Home Insurance
Smarter Home Insurance

get smart about home insurance

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