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Organize, maintain and improve your home with the vipHomeLink app

- included in your Savvi HomeCare membership -

Savvi + vipHomeLink

Through our technology partner, vipHomeLink, we provide all Savvi policyholders with a home management platform that helps you simplify your homeownership experience while also working to prevent insurance claims.


The vipHomeLink app provides property-specific maintenance reminders and weather notifications, home improvement recommendations, and more, to help you stay safe all while saving time and money.


vipHomeLink will help you save time, save money, and keep your home and family safe

Get Peace of Mind


Stay ahead of necessary maintenance and improve your home’s safety and value with personalized reminders, such as severe weather and seasonal events, and tailored home improvement recommendations, based on your home profile.


Stay Organized


Imagine, all your home’s information and documents (warranties, insurance policies, and more) in one secure place for easy access. Secure all important information about your home in one place, right in the palm of your hands!

Improve Home Value


Identify opportunities to improve the value and safety of your home with greater awareness and knowledge from our expert-backed, in-app vipTips. Discover your home’s scores with the Home Fitness Index, Home Value Boost, and additional real-time metrics.

New Home

Get Started


Once you become a Savvi Insurance customer, you will receive login details for your vipHomeLink membership in your welcome packet.


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