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Savvi Smart Home Insurance

About Us

Savvi Smart Home Insurance

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was a big one: more than 200 million American homeowners spend over $100 billion every year on a product that less than 7% even use - and the rest of us never want to use the very product we paid for in the first place. And other than some vague promise to be there when something bad happens, you never actually get anything for all that money you send your insurance company every year.


Somehow that all sounded like a pretty crummy deal to us. We are insurance experts with decades of experience that have teamed up with the best and brightest smart home technology pros on a mission to create a whole new kind of home insurance. 


One that helps make you safer and rewards you for all the good things you do - rather than penalizing you when something bad happens. One that gives you something that’s fun to use and improves your life - rather than something that you dread ever having to use. And one that’s committed to making insurance a source for social good by improving the lives of people in our communities by giving back.


This is only the first chapter and there's plenty more to this story, but we hope you like what we’re all about. If you do, get in touch or contact your agent today to learn more and get signed up with Savvi. We'll even take care of canceling your old policy for you. Thanks!

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Our Difference

Beautifully designed smart home security backed by the most comprehensive insurance protection available. All with a suite of services and benefits to prevent, repair and reward - and at prices sure to delight.

Savvi Smart Home Insurance

Our People

We're a team of passionate insurance geeks (yeah, we exist) that joined together with the brightest "smart home" techies to totally reimagine how to better protect the things that you love. Sort of like the insurance equivalent of peanut butter meets chocolate - but not as fattening!

Our Culture

We don't have a lot of "big corporate" rules around here, but we do have some pretty important tenets that we strive to live by. We think these help to create a rich and rewarding environment for everyone. And because of that, delivering phenomenal customer service just becomes second nature.


Treat others as you'd like to be treated. A little courtesy and respect go a long way.  


Take risks, dream big, have fun and do good. And encourage and support others to do the same. 


Leave everything a little better than you found it. Go the extra mile for others.   


Commit to do what is right and always put clients' interests first. Trust is hard earned, but easily lost.


Be a good steward and protector of our world. And yes, honor your mother and let her know you love her. 

Savvi Smart Home Insurance

Our Partners

Sleep well knowing that you're protected by some of the largest and most financially secure insurance companies out there, including Lloyd's of London, the world’s specialist insurance market for over 300 years. Our partners have earned A-ratings from A.M. Best which means your policy is secure no matter what happens.

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Savvi Smart Home Insurance

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