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Get Savvi about Spring Home Maintenance

Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

A flower will yellow petals sits on a deck in a fenced-in backyard.

Spring brings showers, flowers, and home maintenance tasks. Before summer’s harsh storms and heat roll in, get your home ready with this spring home maintenance checklist!

1. Prepare for the summer heat​

A thermometer is outside by a shrub and shows temperatures over 100 degrees

​Extreme heat may be here before you know. Last year’s first 100-degree day was April 26th in Phoenix, so prepare your home. Start by scheduling a routine maintenance HVAC service with a qualified technician. This should be done sooner rather than later to make sure your HVAC won’t break down when you need it most. Also, don’t forget to clean or replace all the filters in your cooling system and continue to do so as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Clean your windows and replace your screens​

Sunrays shine through a window on a spring day while a plant on the windowsill soaks up the light.

If you're removing your storm windows, clean your windows, too, and inspect them for any damage. Wipe away the dust on your windows with a microfiber cloth and then spritz with a warm water and distilled vinegar mixture. Be careful not to get any of the mixture on the wood or vinyl window frames as it can discolor them. Rinse with water once done.

Before installing your screens, douse them in water and a mild detergent. Repair any damage with a repair kit from your local home improvement store or for small tears, try clear nail polish.

3. Prepare your mower for the summer​

A lawnmower sits on recently cut grass

Your lawnmower is an appliance just like the rest of your home devices. You’ll need to take care of it, too. Change the oil, gas, and filters if you didn't complete this necessary maintenance in the fall. If your lawnmower doesn't run, look into cleaning the carburetor, the gas tank filter, and intake and exhaust valves. If you're unsure how to do so, take your mower to a professional repair shop.

4. Check your outdoor plumbing​

An outdoor spigot with an orange top is connected to a green garden hose

It's time to turn the water back on to your outdoor faucets and ensure that the water is flowing smoothly. Also, reconnect any garden hoses, which you put away during the winter months to prevent ice from forming in your pipes, right?

Homeowners suffer from water damage losses far more often than any other loss – including fire or theft. Our water sensors can alert you, so a small trickle doesn’t become a major flood. Beautifully designed, Savvi’s sensors fit neatly under sinks, washing machines and any water source in your home.

5. Check your sprinkler system​

An in-ground sprinkler system waters a front lawn

Speaking of water, inspect your sprinklers for leaky valves and sprinkler heads. If any areas of your yard collect too much water, check the water line. If you can't find the source of the problem, call a professional to find and correct the issue.

6. Trim your trees and shrubs​

A homeowner wearing gloves and flannel cuts the longer branches of a shrub.

This is truly an "every season" maintenance task since replacing a roof can be expensive and tree limbs are the main culprit. They can also be used by critters as bridges into your home, so clip any and all vegetation to at least 2-3 feet away from your house. (This will also help to prevent a potential burglar from using an overly large shrub for cover.) For higher tree limbs that threaten your roof’s shingles, hire a professional company to take care of those.

With the motion sensors you’ll receive in the Savvi Home Kit, you can monitor movement, so you always know what’s going on in your home. Our motion sensors fit discretely on a wall, shelf or any other place you want monitored for unexpected movement. Receive alerts through your Savvi app right on your smart phone.

7. Clean your gutters

A homeowner stands on a ladder to clean out his gutters

Clean your gutters and downspouts twice a year, after the seeds fall in spring and after the leaves fall in autumn. The winter may have stuffed your gutter full of leaves, branches, and even gunk from snow and dirt, so you'll want to clear them before summer’s drenching storms roll in.​

8. Inspect your roof​

A homeowner stands in front of his home, which has a large and well-maintained roof.

​While you’re close to your roof, give it a visual inspection. Winter storms can wreak havoc on it, so check for any damage, holes, or peeling. Replace any damaged shingles ASAP to avoid expensive water damage, and continue to check your roof frequently. Make sure to inspect it visually before and after any large storms, so you can prevent a small problem from being a costly insurance claim.

9. Take care of your deck​

If you have a wooden deck, spring is the perfect time to reseal it, so it'll look its best all summer long. First, test the wood by sprinkling water on your deck. If water beads on the wood, it’s probably not time to reseal your deck just yet. If the wood immediately soaks up the water, your deck is due for maintenance.

If you have a composite deck, give it a pressure wash. You can rent a pressure washer from any big box home improvement store but be careful when using it! The force can damage your home and cause bodily harm.

For both types of decks, check it for any damage or cracking, and replace any boards as needed.

10. Keep your eyes peeled for termites​

A close-up on deteriorating wood shows the damage termites can create

Termites swarm between March and June, so keep an eye out for evidence of termites: blistered wood or wood that appears to have water damage, damaged wood with a honeycomb-like interior, discarded termite wings, mud tubes (where termites nest), and termite droppings (wood pellets). If you spot any of these warning signs, it's best to call a professional immediately. You may already have extensive damage or you might be able to ward off an expensive problem.

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We then back that up with comprehensive, modernized insurance protection and concierge-style claims handling, at prices that recognize and reward the benefits of a smarter, better protected home.

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