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10 Savvi Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Vacation

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

A set of sunglasses on a sandy beach

Summer is here, which means sun, shores, and safe travels! But while you’re away, who’s looking over your home? You may have a trusted neighbor, a smart insurance provider, or even a burglar, who has just been waiting for this opportunity. Your home might also decide to act up with flooding or other emergencies.

No worries! We have 10 home security tips to prevent burglaries, stop a home disaster, and keep your personal belongings safe while you’re on vacay.

#1 – Don’t leave the lights on – all the time

A porch light on a home left on during the day

Leaving lights left on all the time – especially your outdoor lighting – is a clear sign that you’re not home. Invest in smart LED light bulbs that can turn on and off, preferably at different times at night.

You can also use a smart power strip. Plug lights into the strip and then turn the strip on and off, right from your phone.

#2 – Upgrade your home security

The Savvi Home Kit with camera, smoke detector, water leak sensors, door/window sensor, motion sensor, key fob, 4G hub with backup battery

If you have a lot of valuables, you may want to consider getting a home security system with 24/7 monitoring. Savvi Smart Home Insurance has got you covered.

Each Savvi Insurance policy comes with the following burglary and theft security devices:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution security camera with built-in motion sensor and Infrared LED for day and night vision modes.

  • Motion sensors that send alerts through the Savvi app right on your smartphone.

  • Door and window sensors with easy installation on doors, windows, safes, and cabinets.

  • A key fob to arm and disarm your system with a click of a button.

  • The Savvi hub which connects all your sensors in your home and sends real-time alerts to your phone and our professional monitoring center. And with an 85db siren, you're sure to send the bad guys running!

(Note: We also include water leak sensors and smoke detectors as part of our 10-piece kit.)

These features help you in a variety of ways. Our Geofencing feature detects if you’re home or away and sets the system for you. You can also check in on your home through the HD camera and two-way talk feature. Plus, the smart automation feature alerts you to temperature and other condition changes in your home.

There’s no expensive up-front hardware costs, and our 24/7 professional security monitoring costs only 50 cents a day. It also helps you to save up to 25% on your insurance.

#3 – Gush about your vacation after you return

Rather than telling everyone about your vacation before you go, gush about it afterwards. While your hairdresser, barber, or even barista may not rob you, you never know who in the immediate area has different plans.

Likewise, posting on social media may signal potential burglars. If you still want to post, perhaps limit the people who can see your posts to just friends and family.

#4 – Keep your lawn a cut

A well-manicured lawn in front of a white, colonial home

An unkempt lawn is a red flag for burglars. Get someone in your neighborhood to take care of your lawn while you’re away or arrange for lawn care services.

Since someone will be on your property while you’re not, call your insurance agent. See what your policy covers regarding personal injuries, and ask about an umbrella insurance policy if you don’t have one already.

#5 – Check every door and window

An open window showing the sky in twilight

This may sound obvious, but double-check your front door, your sliding glass or screen doors, your back windows, and of course, your garage doors.

As we mentioned earlier, the Savvi Home Kit comes with motion sensors that fit discretely on a wall, shelf, or any other place you want monitored for unexpected movement. This way, you’ll always know what’s going on in your home. Plus, you’ll also receive window and door sensors, so no matter where you are, you never have to wonder or worry if your home is secure with our sensors protecting you.

#6 – Hide your most precious possessions

You really shouldn’t take those diamond earrings on vacation, but you really shouldn’t leave them around, either. If you have expensive items, such as jewelry, lock them away in a safe or safety deposit box. Keep all other expensive items out of sight of windows.

Also, update your home inventory. This way, if an unfortunate event occurs – burglary or otherwise – your insurance carrier can help you recoup any lost items.

#7 – Set your programmable thermostat

A round thermostat with a digital reading of 63 degrees

Though this is more of a winter vacation tip, you should set your programmable thermostat at 55 degrees or above. This helps to keep pipes from freezing and then bursting, which can cause expensive water damage. Remember that trusted neighbor? Ask them to run the cold water for a spell to help keep water moving.

#8 – Beware of power (surges)

Power surges can occur for many reasons – issues with the power company, a thunderstorm, solar flares – and they can fry your appliances. Unplug any appliances that don’t need to be plugged in or use surge protectors.

(Big appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, should be plugged directly into a wall outlet.)

#9 – Cut the water

A kitchen faucet dripping one large water droplet

Before you head out on vacation, it’s a good idea to turn off the water coming into your house. You should be able to do this from the water shut-off valve. (Generally, the valve has a red, gnarled or flat handle, and is located in your basement or utility closet.)

Homeowners suffer from water damage losses far more often than any other loss – including fire or theft. Savvi’s water sensors can alert you, so a small trickle doesn’t become a major flood. Beautifully designed, our sensors fit neatly under sinks, washing machines and any water source in your home.

#10 – Know the weather forecast for your home

Dark storm clouds moving across the sky over a green field

Weather can be unpredictable, but it’s important to be ready for an extremely rainy day, especially on the home front. Check the weather forecast before you leave on vacation and prepare your home. Do you need to clean out your gutters to keep rain from coming into your basement? How about clearing your window wells or testing your sump pump? Is your roof in good shape and has all its shingles, and are your low-hanging branches cut away from it?

Know what’s coming and give your house a once-over – just in case.

Savvi Insurance Group, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is committed to helping families and individuals prevent losses, stay safe, and protect the people and things they love. We do that by providing our customers with our cutting-edge smart home security system along with a suite of services and benefits designed to proactively predict and prevent losses from happening in the first place.

We then back that up with comprehensive, modernized insurance protection and concierge-style claims handling, at prices that recognize and reward the benefits of a smarter, better protected home.

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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
Mar 06

Investing in high-quality locks and deadbolts from Residential Locksmith experts is essential for ensuring your home's security while you're away on vacation. Their expertise in providing top-notch security solutions gives me peace of mind knowing my home is protected.

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