Frequently asked questions

Can I get a rebate?

LG Home Batteries are approved for rebates on each the various state schemes. For the most recent and up to date information about rebates across Australia, look up 'solar rebate [state]' in your preferred search engine or visit our blog for more info on current rebate schemes.

What is the price of a battery?

If you were buying the battery just on its own from a wholesaler, think around $5,300 for RESU6.5 and $8,800 for RESU13, before rebates and before installation. BUT, battery-only prices can be misleading – in reality it was always be higher. End prices depend on location, installation cost, and what it takes to give you the optimal outcome including balance of solar size v battery size. A competent installer will assess your needs before making a recommendation. To find the solution that's best for your home, please fill out the contact form above and one of our trusted installers in your local area will be in touch.

Can I add a battery to my existing solar system?

Absolutely. If you already have a solar system, that will significantly reduce your upfront costs. For details, please reach out to your nearest installer through

I want to get a quote. What do I do?

Please fill out our contact form (above) and one of our trusted installer partners will be in touch.

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